Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What is Adobe Photoshop

There are many programs out there for digital artists to use but none are as multipurpose as Adobe Photoshop. Originally just a picture editing program it has evolved to be one of the most useful and indispensable tools in the industry. Add to the fact that it is easy to use and people become intimate with it very quickly. Even if you can only use it at a basic level it can still offer tremendous results in any project.

But what use is a program to make and edit pictures in our modern world? The answer to this is very long and perhaps too big to fit here. However there are a few examples that can illustrate just how important it has become. Have you seen a movie that had 3d models and expansive special effects recently? Chances are that if you're been to a movie house in the past ten years then yes. Would it surprise you to know that without pictures those special effects would be meaningless?

While a 3d modeler can make impressive designs and characters for movies and games they will look like nothing more than grey avatars. This is where the need for competent and creative digital artists comes in. These models and sculptures require textures in order to look as intended and good ones in order to be believable. Almost every texture used is a picture of something in the environment or an artistic pattern to be cut and applied to the model.

While the medium may have changed the concept is the same and traditional artists that can work with digital tools are in high demand. This covers the movie and game aspect of it but what else can the program do? For starters you can edit images, resize them, graft them onto one another, or make original works of art. There are several peripherals for the program that are in essence a pen and pad for you to draw with.

If you are skilled enough you can also recolor and restore faded pictures or bring color to old black and white photos. Both of these methods can be time consuming but they are nonetheless rewarding. Many people have started up businesses based on these two facets of the program alone and have been tremendously successful. Professional purposes aside the program also offers various alterations to personal art works.

While many artists work with the program there are a great many still that prefer to do most of their work with old fashioned paper. Those that make their own work and wish to either touch it up or color it simple use a scanner and import their works of art into the computer. This takes less than a minute and they have a digital copy of their artwork to work with.

Adobe releases a new version of Photoshop every year or so and includes new features as well as program enhancements and bug fixes. This is one of the company's flagship programs and there is rarely a dissatisfied customer.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best photo creation and editing programs in existence at the moment. There have been few programs that can compare to its capabilities and it has given people many ways to start up businesses and express their personal art. This program can take you places that you may never have dreamed of, so if you have artistic talent don't be afraid to use it.


Article Source: EzineArticles – Mandi Pralle

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