Friday, August 19, 2011


First of all, I will explain about Toolbox.Toolbox consists of a set of facilities to edit and manipulate image.

 Toolbox is divided into 4 parts :
  • Selection Tool 
    • Marquee : used for selecting objects such as rectangles, squares, and ellipses.
    • Move : used to move selections, objects, and layers.
    • Lasso : used to make irregular selections.
    • Magic Wand : selects an area of similar colors in a single click.
    • Crop : allows users to redefine their active image area but not resize the entire image.
    • Slice : used to make a selection to split image into several pieces.

  • Painting and Editing
    • Healing : used to repair imperfections in images, or handle blemishes and red-eye.
    • Paintbrush : simulates brush strokes while coloring object.
    • Clone Stamp : a user may select a source starting point somewhere on an image, and then paint elsewhere using that starting point as a reference, effectively cloning the source.
    • History Brush : returns the object at a position such as a particular history or snapshot.
    • Eraser : used to erase parts of an image, selection, or layer.
    • Paint Bucket : fills in areas that have similarity color with the area where you press the mouse.
    • Blur : darkens parts of an image.
    • Dodge : lightens parts of an image.

  • Special Tool
    • Path Component : moves the location of points that have been created on the path.
    • Text : used to write text.
    • Pen : creates path that can be used as a selection or drawing tools.
    • Rectangle : used to make rectangle.
    • Notes : used to make a notes at object and can be added by audio.
    • Eyedropper : changes foreground color with sample color that you want.

  • Navigation
    • Hand : moves the work field to the place that you want.
    • Zoom : zoom in and zoom out the object's display.

To select a tool from the toolbox, simply click it once. If the tool displayed has a black arrow in the bottom right corner, that means that there are more tools of that type hidden underneath it. To select one of these hidden tools, hold down the mouse button while over it, and then release once you’re over the tool you’d like to select.

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