Saturday, August 20, 2011

Syncing Color

  • Open file "images.jpg" and "guilin cave-2.jpg".
  • Match the width of two files: go to image> image size> change the height.

  • Open file> new.
  • Move both files to a new screen by clicking the move tool (at the tool box)> drag the file (use crop tool if necessary). 

  • Then at layer 1 (left picture), go to Image> Adjustment> Match Color
  • At Target, will being written that layer 1 as a target image that having color adjustment. 
  • At Source, select layer 2 (right picture). 

  • Click OK

    • Move layer 2,so that the little part of layer 2 is above layer 1.
    • At the tool box, click eraser tool. Brush Set: 15, Flow: 20, Opacity: Adjust. 
    • Erase line between layer 1 layer 2. 

    • Here's the result. Compare with the initial image. 


      Easy, huh? You can use this technique in various occasions. For instance, if you want to make banners and so on.

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